Whole Grain Sandwich Rolls

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These delectably soft rolls are perfect with any salad or spread, for a greattasting sandwich anytime. we recommend reheating rolls in the oven or toaster oven, for ultimate flavor and crispiness.
Preparation Instructions
Keep Frozen. Thaw and Serve.
  • Quantity: 1 Loaf
  • Storage: Keep Frozen
  • NET Weight: 65.0 oz (65.0 oz)
  • Product Code: 6019
  • Quantity: 1 Loaf
  • Storage: Keep Frozen
  • NET Weight: 11.0 oz (11.0 oz)
  • Product Code: 1019
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Gluten free flour (brown rice flour, tapioca starch, sorghum flour), water, canola oil, eggs, honey, salt, guar gum, dry yeast, apple cider vinegar, sesame seeds.
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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied Customer
More like a pita than a roll

So this is the first time I've rated below a 5 for a Katz's product. The only reason for the lowered rating (and I'd give it a 4.5 if I could give half-point numbers) is that it was difficult to slice open to make a sandwich with. I had brought the package to work for lunches, but didn't have a large enough/sharp enough knife available and wound up with slivers of one piece and chunks of another. (All the other muffin and roll products I've tried were thicker and easier to slice, so I didn't expect this.)
The taste and texture were - as usual - beyond expectations. They were sturdy enough to contain a veggie burger with toppings (once I got the hang of slicing them and a better knife to do it with!). I would purchase again.

Karen Black
Great taste

These are very good for sandwiches. They hold together we'll. Excellent taste. Two thumbs up.

Love these rolls

Katz makes the best tasting gluten free products, hands down. No other company comes close to their products. My son is gluten free and absolutely loves their products. My son loves these rolls...they are the best tasting and the consistency compares to non gluten free. In addition, the company itself is great. I always receive appreciation notes in my box or receive emails thanking me. While that might not seem important, to me it shows that customer service and satisfaction are important to them whereas most companies don't care about that. I highly recommend them!

Kristen K.
Just like wheat only better!

These tasted, looked and felt like wheat rolls! They went from freezer to dinner plate after thawing a bit and were absolutely amazing. No one could tell that they weren't wheat!

Judith F.

I do not understand the constant changes in the size and thickness of my favorite roll. For some time they were too thick and too large. Then they came back for one order a perfect size and thickness so that they could be easily sliced in half. The latest version is back to a large diameter but so thin as to make slicking them in half a chore. Some consistency would be most appreciated!