Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack

$47.72 $46.99
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  • Chocolate Frosted Donuts
  • Glazed Chocolate Donuts
  • Chocolate Frosted Sprinkle Donuts
  • Fudge Brownie Muffin Snacks
  • Chocolate Sprinkle Cupcakes
  • Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes
  • Chocolate Crème Cakes
  • Chocolate Crème Filled Cupcakes
  • NET Weight: 72.8 oz (72.8055 oz)
  • Product Code: CHOCOLATE-8PK
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Cox
Yummy snacks

So thankful to have found all these amazing options… so close to old times :)

Kathy T
Taste great for gluten free

I live bake good and have missed not being able to have them for the last 12 years. These snack cakes, donuts, and cup cakes taste so good!

Brandy Kelly
Great customer service!

Had a mistake in my order, sent an email, it was corrected quickly! Love the products!

Melany M.
Everything and more

Never missed the gluten!

Antoinette K.
Chocolate Delights!

Delicious! How does dear Mrs. Katz do all this The donuts and cupcakes are just wonderful in taste. Looking forward to trying on next order the Chocolate covered glaze. The creme filled cupcakes and cream cakes could use a bit more cream in them though! But all in all, Katz has real winners here!