Katz Gluten Free Bakery

Mrs. Katz Makes a Decision  

It was early in the year 2006 that Mrs. F. Katz had just about enough of the lackluster gluten-free products she could find in stores. She had two children with gluten intolerance, and shopping with their allergy in mind was a struggle. She had to be so careful to make sure anything she
bought for her children was totally free of the gluten that could have such a negative effect on them. She found things that they could eat, of
course, but nothing that was sold in stores could really satisfy their desire for the delicious gluten-containing foods they saw others eating. They
had begun to feel left out of the joys of truly tasty treats like donuts, cookies, cakes, and pies—and that feeling could become a temptation that
they would be sure to regret.

Something had to be done.

Mrs. Katz Begins to Bake

Mrs. Katz, urged onward by her desire to see her children’s smiling faces as she offered them the treats they deserved but had never been able to
eat, took out her kitchen mixer and got to work. She experimented with different recipes, wheat substitutes, flavorings and more, taste testing each
new batch on a mission to create perfect gluten-free confections. As her recipes became more refined, and her children delighted with each new
baked treat, word began to spread of Mrs. Katz and her fabulous foods.

The next step was clear.

Mrs. Katz Starts a Bake Shoppe

With growing enthusiasm for her craft and the joy her baked goods could bring to people struggling to find delicious gluten-free foods, Mrs. Katz
expands her operation. After all, it was not only those with gluten-intolerance that struggled to find delicious allergy-friendly treats in stores, but
people dealing with a wide spectrum of allergy restrictions—from nut allergies, to dairy allergies, to soy allergies and beyond. Mrs. Katz would
serve them all!

Growing from a one-woman kitchen bakery to a full, state-of-the-art facility—completely nut & dairy free and certified by the Gluten Intolerance
Group, OU and Rabbi Y. Gruber—Mrs. Katz now creates allergy-friendly baked goods to fulfill all sorts of dietary restrictions. And she continues to
stay true to her original recipes, only using high-quality ingredients and never including any artificial preservatives or off-putting chemical
additives. That’s why Mrs. Katz baked goods are kept frozen, ready to thaw to room temperature or be warmed to fresh-baked flavor with just 10-15
seconds in the microwave!

So, if you too have been struggling to find gluten-free, allergy-friendly baked goods that truly taste as good as their allergen-rich counterparts, look
no further than Mrs. Katz!

Don’t let food allergies stop you from enjoying your favorite treats - say YES to the foods you love!