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Egg Free Bread

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For sandwich enthusiasts, grilled cheese cheerleaders, and when it's simply time for toast! Enjoy this everyday, egg-free, loaf of baked love.
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  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free
  • Sesame-Free
  • Soy-free
  • Egg-free

Egg-free, worry-free, full of flavor! This is bread for everyone to enjoy.

Baked with care and a touch of honey, this loaf is free from eggs but rich in flavor. Whether it's holding together your favorite fillings, or crisping up for a sweet or savory spread, this bread will always satisfy your cravings for a bite of something soft.


Every ingredient we pick promises not just irresistible taste, but also peace of mind, guaranteeing worry-free indulgence for those with dietary intolerances.

Product Contains

  • Tapioca Starch
  • White Rice Flour
  • Corn Starch
  • Garfava Bean Flour, Chia Flour
  • Water
  • Palm Oil
  • Honey
  • Flaxseed Meal
  • Brown Sugar
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Dry Yeast
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Salt
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Prep instructions

Thaw & serve or toast slightly for a crispy crust.

Keep frozen

We ship our products frozen to preserve their freshness. Upon arrival, they're thawed and ready to enjoy or can be refrozen for later enjoyment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Angela Bolen
Absolutely delicious

I absolutely love this bread and all the others I have purchased. But not long ago I had noticed that you all put apple cider vinegar in it and vinegar tends to really bother my stomach, but when I first started purchasing it I noticed it didn't bother me as far as I knew. But I also never checked the ingredients in it. But all the breads are definitely extremely delicious.

Julie Buyle
Great roasted

I love this bread toasted but don’t care for it cold.

Bethany Black
Amazing!!! A godsend for those with allergies

I bought this for my boyfriend’s son and we are soo pleased!! He’s allergic to: gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, and sesame. Recently he told us he’d like to try toast. All the gluten free bread in our local grocery stores contained at least one ingredient he couldn’t have. I’m not one who is easily satisfied with saying “oh, I guess he’ll never get to have that.” So I went on a hunt online and found this bread. He loves it and we do too!!! It taste so similar to regular bread. You have no idea how exciting it is to get to ask him if he wants toast for breakfast, and watch him happily eat it! Thank you!

Laurel Hills
This bread is good!

I love that it's egg free, dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. It is delicious and holds together quite well for gluten free bread.

Very dry bread!

For what I paid for a very small loaf of bread, it was the "driest bread" I have ever eaten and there was no taste to it! I made a sandwich with the bread and when I began to eat the sandwich the bread totally broke apart and all the inside meats fell out. I had to drink water between the first few bites to wash it down because it was so dry! I couldn't finish the bread because it was in pieces from breaking apart, so I just ate the meat that had fallen out of the sandwich. I won't be buying this bread again! Waste of my money!!!

Carolyn Christensen
Loafing Around

As someone who's ventured through the gluten-free breads in search of one that doesn't taste like cardboard, I can confidently say that I've discovered the holy grail: bread that's actually delicious. I love the texture, taste and quality. This is the type of vegan, gluten free bread that the world needs more of. Seriously it's relaly THAT good.

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