Personal Pies Multi Pack

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  • Personal Size Blueberry Pie
  • Personal Size Cherry Pie
  • Personal Size Apple Pie
  • NET Weight: 34.5 oz (978.0 g)
  • Product Code: AG-FJPY-9AEI
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Frank Pedagno
AWESOME Gluten-Free Personal Size Apple Pie

In the many years that I had be gluten free, I have NEVER had such a delicious Apple Pie. The crust is to die for!!! It's just like eating real homemade wheat crust - only better. The crust is so tasty!! The pie is not too sweet - the way I like it. It satisfies my desire for dessert. If you ever wanted to expand into Chicken Pot Pie - use your personal size apple pie crust and it would be a hit (provided the filling of Chicken mix is tasty). You can do a lot with that wonderful crust. Please do not change your delicious crust. Everything is just perfect about that pie!! I love, love, love it! For once I can enjoy a good piece of gluten free Personal Apple Pie. Yum!

Teddy Wenzel
Three pies

The Blueberry and Cherry Pies were very good. The apple pie needed cinnamon or the apples were lacking something. Would purchase the Cherry Pie or Blueberry Pie again.

Patricia Donnelly
First G/F pies that taste better then regular pies. The crust is to die for. Yummy

Crust is better then I have ever had.

Chris Hemmeke

Personal Pies Multi Pack

Rachel D.
Very Tasty!

The personal pies multi pack is very tasty. It's a great way to try the different flavors. You can eat them right away or refreeze them.