Soft Pretzel Nuggets

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Soft Pretzels are one of the biggest request we received from the gluten-free community! You spoke and we listened! Delicious SOFT PRETZEL NUGGETS, chock-full of FLAVOR and with a sprinkle of SALT, has been rather difficult, but we have accepted the challenge. Mrs. Katz answers her fans' prayers!
Preparation Instructions
Mist with water or melted butter. Sprinkle with salt to taste.
  • Quantity: 1 Box
  • Storage: Keep Frozen
  • NET Weight: 5.5 oz (5.5 oz)
  • Product Code: 15576
  • Quantity: 6 Boxes
  • Storage: Keep Frozen
  • NET Weight: 33.0 oz (33.0 oz)
  • Product Code: 65576
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NUGGETS: Gluten free flour blend (brown rice flour, white rice flour, tapioca starch, corn starch, chickpea flour, potato starch, potato flour), water, egg whites, canola oil, honey, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum, salt, bamboo fiber, psyllium husk, dry yeast, apple cider vinegar, natural flavor. SALT PACKET: salt
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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Stolba
I’ve missed pretzel’s!

Wow… I’ve been craving pretzels lately and having been celiac for almost 10 years can’t remember the last soft pretzel I had. These were amazing. Super quick and easy to get ready, and they taste amazing. Thank you!

Ashley Groudle
Amazing !

For someone who hasn’t had a soft pretzel in 8 years these were incredible!!!!

SO GOOD, why so few?

Absolutely love the texture, and really really yummy. I like being able to choose the amount of salt. The box is misleading, though, in terms of how much you get. About 6 nuggets per serving, 3 servings per box should give you 18 nuggets, which already isn't a lot; but I've only been getting 13 in each box.

Meg Risser (Anne Megan "Meg" Risser)
A Puzzle

Agreed, I have had few encounters with soft pretzels. But I had some large ones from a baker at etsy this past summer and fell in love with them. Whoo boy, they were scrumptious in every respect. Therefore, to see one of my favorite gf companies was now offering them, a lot less expensive, too, was exciting.

Then I found they were out of stock, for probably a good while. 😥 And I was sad.

THEN I found the same Katz ones on sale at the Gluten Free Mall, yippee! And I was happy! 😁 And I bought EIGHT boxes. 🙃

Then they arrived, and I heated my first batch per directions to eat for lunch right away.

So, finally, here is my review of the product.

Good things first. The little cup of salt to sprinkle as wished is darling and super.
The pretzels have a very nice, tho, for me, unusual, tad sweet flavor.

Not so great is that they are nothing like the picture on the box. It shows squares and the possibility of fluffy, soft texture. The real ones are very small, have a rectangle shape and tough, chewy, NOT soft in texture.

I am enjoying them, but not as much as if they met my thoughts and expectations.
As with the cinnamon rolls, also tough and smaller than expected, I really think the Katz bakers missed the boat on these.

At least I have enough to savor for a good while!!! 😁😋😁 Shalom😇 🔯 🎶

November 10, 2022 Updates:

My second box had several of the same characteristics, not favorable to me. But they were much tastier when I thawed them completely, buttered them, microwaved them for 15 seconds (5 was not enough), then salted them. Previously I had microwaved them frozen. They were softer, more tender heated after thawing, BUT STILL not the fluffy, square ones pictured, or hoped for in my mind. This is according to my rightful preference and opinion.

In addition, the nuggets box states there are about 3 servings in a box, and that 6 nuggets equals one serving, one serving about 33g.. carbs. The Katz explanation that the nuggets are parceled by weight, and the words,"about" 6 per portion is sufficient does not wash. There are many diabetics who, like me, are also celiacs, and need clear gramm measurements for carbs to inject correct isulin amounts. The Katz informatuon is not adequate or safe.

Each box should have 6x3=18 nuggets. My first two boxes had 14 and 13 nuggets. My third had 15 and a round lump. My fourth has 12 nuggets and a lump. (Pictures shown separately due to digital difficulty.)That meant for my first two boxes my fast acting insulin was off. I know what better to do with boxes 3-8: weigh and measure the carb gramms in each. Other customers need to know to do this.

Or what if a family of 3 was expecting equal shares of 6 each, and, yikes, who gets underserved?

In my experienced opinion, these are serious health, culinary and aesthetic issues Katz needs to rectify. They should NOT, in any way receive important reviews defensively, as they have 2 of mine, whether or not they like them. To disparage me and my preferences, opinions and facts is inexusable.

Thank you for your thorough review.

We want to provide more clarity regarding the requested information we require, both here at Katz Gluten Free and in the general food industry. Please know we do not ask unnecessary questions. These questions are essential for any food manufacturer to isolate what may have caused the issue you experienced. This helps us identify what may have occurred and prevent it from occurring to you, the customer, in the future. (Whether it be quality control, productions.) When a product is purchased by a consumer, regardless of location, the product packaging information is not individually recorded by the manufacturer/vendor on which the consumer purchased the product. Therefore, the best-buy date and images of the affected product will not be in our records or other vendors' records. However, the food industry requires this information when a customer reaches out with a concern to all quality control to investigate. With this information requested, quality control can investigate the particular production date of your product.

Please review our store policies for further information. The requested information is also listed in our store policies.

In regards to serving size, many of our products are by weight and not by piece due to the slightly varying size. There for, our nutritional label for the Pretzel Nuggets will be by weight. You will follow the weight of 'about 6 pieces'. The serving size weight will be 55g to calculate your needs as a diabetic.

We hope this clarifies. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team if you require additional assistance. They will be happy to help. We hope you have a wonderful day.

Lisa A Gorlewski

Soft Pretzel Nuggets