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Happy Customers

Based on 21493 reviews
Katz Perfect for me

Finding myself needing to follow a gluten-free diet my 'discovery' of Katz products has been a wonderful boost to what otherwise might have been a real drag. Every thing I have tried (from Katz) has been great. My orders have arrived quickly and in good condition. Like all things I wish there was more filling, but we all wish any pipe had more filling :)

More powder please

I am so thankful that we have a gluten free donut option that is good!! I love powdered so finding you was amazing. However the past few months there has been lass and less powder on the actual donut and is more like a plain donut. Can you please go back to your original recipe and add the powder back!!

The best cinnamon buns!

They taste delicious! Will be ordering again !

Excellent quality and very good taste

Amazing as always! My family truly appreciates having options available!

Excellent quality, fast shipping and always delicious!

Grain Free Mini Donuts - Strawberry

A very good tasting bread that keeps together after toasting unlike other brand.

Soft Pretzel Nuggets
Candace D Daugherty
Great Taste, But Not Soft Enough

I ended up microwaving for only 10-15 seconds, but first dabbing with a little water in hopes that the 2nd batch would not be rocks.

Whole Grain Bread
Candace D Daugherty
Perfect bread to ship where you're traveling!

I went on a 2 1/2 week business trip to Texas and Florida and could only take clothes and business essentials. I shipped this bread to an address in TX and it arrived perfect. It was a main stay for my time and unfortunately ran out before I continued to FL.

Apple Mini Pies
Ernie Svensson
My Ignorance

Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat them. I thought they were like Hostess or other store pies that are shelf stable; so it wasn’t until several days later I went to eat one and realized they should have been kept in the freezer. But, I’ll try them again in a future order.

Good but needs to be bigger

Wish they were bigger, however flavor party!

Gluten-free shouldn't mean compromise flavor. You might as well be eating sweet shaped play-doh

Seemed like a rush job on this toast not, enough butter or garlic on it

Egg Free Bread
Angela Bolen
Absolutely delicious

I absolutely love this bread and all the others I have purchased. But not long ago I had noticed that you all put apple cider vinegar in it and vinegar tends to really bother my stomach, but when I first started purchasing it I noticed it didn't bother me as far as I knew. But I also never checked the ingredients in it. But all the breads are definitely extremely delicious.


I absolutely love these chocolate creme cakes and plan on getting more in the near future. I love things like this since I couldn't have the original ones. Now I can have them.

Apple Mini Pies
Tracy Hubbard
Where’s the apples

These mini pies should have the measurements on the box. They’re truly mini. 2 1/2”x2 1/4”. Tiny! They are very good flavor. Very flaky to the point of falling apart easily. Don’t look puffy and fruit filled. More tiny poptart like. Disappointed because they’re not a mini pie! Where’s the filling? Expensive for the product. But tastes great. Just wanted/expected more.

Where’s the strawberry flavor

These are cake like doughnuts with a nice glaze. They just taste like a cake doughnut to me. I didn’t feel there was strawberry flavor at all. They still good tasting.

So good

These are amazing!

Marble Loaf
Michael Small

Good flavor, nice texture, delicious. Benefits from a quick 10 seconds in the microwave.

Ok, better than i can currently make, piped muffin not easily cut

Great flavor and texture


I ordered the fruit pies and the powdered sugar donuts. It was my first time trying the mini pies, they are good, but really small, 3-4 bites. The powdered sugar donuts are my favorite! Although, it does seem like the donuts are a little skinnier than they used to be.

Checkout is closed while we observe Passover

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